three little pigs tail


Once upon a time there were three little pigs are old enough to leave home and live independently. On a sunny day they gathered their belongings and say goodbye to their mother and left. “How interesting!”, Said the first little pig. “How long does it take to become wealthy?”. The second pig to be more careful. “We must work hard to raise money”, he said. “I’m going to get a job!”. The third pig is the most ingenious. “The first thing we must do is find a place to stay warm and dry”, he warned his brothers. “I will build my house.” “Why we do not think so huh?”, Said another.
They went on his way. Soon they saw a person who is being stockpiled hay in a field beside the road. “That’s what I needed!”, Cried the first pig. And before the others could speak, he was running toward him. “Will you sell me a bundle of straw?”, Said the pig.
Gladly sell straw man to him. “With this straw I will be able to build my house in a short time!”, Shouted with joy the first pig. His brothers did not feel happy. “Our house must be stronger than your house”, they said. “Goodbye.” After his brothers went, the first pig went to work. As expected, short course straw house is finished. He entered and closed the door. “Very comfortable”, he thought. “Though this house rocked when the wind is blowing.” When it came to a wolf. “Yum! Yum! Pigs are delicious!”, He said, sniffing the air. He knocked on the door of the straw house. “Pigs small, little pig, let me go!” wolf call. “No, no, do not approach me!”, Cried the frightened pig. “Then I’ll grunt, exhale and blow your house!”, Roared the wolf. The wolf then pounce and devour the first pig.  Then he growled and snarled and blew and blew. Houses of straw and even then collapsed. The wolf then pounce and devour the first pig.
Furthermore in the same street, both pig and pig met a third man who was cutting wood. The second pig’s eyes glowing.  “Ah! House Wood is better!”, He cried, fumbling in her bag for the money. He readily agreed that the asking price for a piece of wood. The third pig in doubt. “I think you should use stronger material”, he said, shaking his head. But the second pig decided to build his house remains of the wood, so his brother can not do anything but leave it and go. Pigs develop both the wood and soon stood a tiny house. He entered into it with satisfaction. The house creaked when the wind blows, but no attention to the second pig. Soon came the wolves who were attracted by the smell of pigs. Saliva dripping thinking will soon obtain a meal. He knocked on the door. “Pigs small, little pig, let me go!” “No, no, do not approach me!”, Cried the second pig. “then  so I would growl and blow and blow your house!”, Roared the wolf.  He then growled and snarled and blew and blew. The wooden house creaked and then collapsed. The wolf was soon devouring the second pig.
The third pig went on his way. Finally, in a garden at the end of the village he saw a man being stockpiled bricks. “Brick”, a clever little pig said to himself. “Very sturdy, strong and waterproof. I’ll build my house of bricks.” Bought a pile of bricks from the man, looking for a shady spot and brought the brick one by one through there and he began to build his house. He believes that his house would be stronger than his brothers house. And he was right. The work was heavy and only finished when it was almost dark. But when he came in and shut the door, the house feels solid and secure. With the wolf immediately smell the third pig. He almost did not believe his luck — the three little pigs in a day! He knocked on the door. “Pigs small, little pig, let me go!”, Cried wolf. “No, no, you go wolf!”, Replied with a brave pig. “Then I will growl and blow and blow your house!”, Roared the wolf as usual. Then he growled and snarled and blew and blew. But the stone house with a sturdy stand. The third pig smiling. Wolves have to find another way. The wolf decides to pretend to make friends with the third pig. He knocked on the door. “Small Pig”, he said. “Not far from here there is a garden radish. Meet me tomorrow morning at six and I’ll help you pick the radish!” Pigs are intelligent it pretends to agree but he did not get up at six in the morning but at five in the morning. Before the wolf went into the garden, a small pig is picking radishes and bring him home safely. The wolf was very angry when he learned this, but he pretended as if there was no nothing. “Sorry I did not see you in the garden radish today”, he said. “How about tomorrow morning at five o’clock we met in the orchard to pick apples?” The next day at four in the morning, pigs were in the orchard, climbing trees and picking apples. The basket is full and he was getting ready to go home when he saw the sly wolf was coming. “Small Pig”, said the wolf. “Again and again you come early.” “Yes”, replied the pig out of a tree. “And the apples are very tasty. It’s try one!” He tossed an apple into a wolf’s head. When the wolf is looking for where the apple falls, the pig jumped down from the tree and ran home to his house safely. Wolves follow the pig to his house and knocked on the door. “Small Pig, will you go to the night market?”, He said. “Meet me in there this afternoon at three, and we’ll have fun!” Once again the three little pigs leave early. At two o’clock he was up at the night market and bought a big vat  butter. Then he returned to his home, carrying it down the hill butter. Suddenly he saw the wolf climbing the hill came to him. Quick as a flash little pig jumped into a vat of butter. Barrel-shaped butter fell on its side and then rolled to the foot of the hill. Wolves were frightened by the keg of butter rolled in her direction. He turned and ran as fast as possible. At the foot of the hill little pig out of the barrel of butter and then go home with a keg shouldering it. After missing fear, the wolf returned to the pig house and knocked on the door. “I experienced something scary on the way to the night market,” he called. “A very large barrel-shaped butter rolled down to the foot of the hill and come after me. I almost get run over!” “Oh, that’s me”, said the pig with joy. “I walked into the barrel so that the butter does not have bothered to bring it down the hill!” Wolves can no longer hide his anger. “That’s enough you little pig tricked me!”, He growled. “The first pig was eaten, as well as the second pig and now I will eat you! I’ll climb up through the chimney  and devour you!” Then the wolves began to climb onto the roof.
The third pig was very frightened, but he was smart and fast acting. Above the fireplace there is a large pan filled with water, a small pig quickly put more wood into the fireplace and turn it until the flames. When the wolf was climbing onto the roof carefully, a pot of water it becomes hotter. When seriga climbing chimneys, water was boiling. The third little pig hide and listen. He heard the wolf climbing the chimney, then byuur! wolf falls into the boiling water and died. The third little pig was safe in the house of stone.


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